1000 Book Challenge

Earlier this year I decided I was bored with myself. Kind of a depressing thought. I was circling the drain and had no drive. I was just existing. I realized this though and instead of wallowing I decided to actually do something about it. So I wrote a bucket list. Or as I like to call it, My Do Epic list.

“Epic is a state of mind.”
Kim Holden, Gus

I know how it sounds. But for those who have read Brightside and Gus by Kim Holden then you will understand where the title comes from. And for those who have not, go read them! Life changing stuff, I swear it.

“Life ain’t about coasting. It’s about pushin’ the damn gas pedal all the way to the floor. Same goes for fun and love, no coasting. Pedal to the floor.”
Kim Holden, Gus

I have set myself a goal, and if I have my way, I will successfully read my way through 1000 books. Of course this one particular aspiration sits alongside many, many others, including ; riding a motorbike (terribly scared of them) Hang-gliding, learning to surf, climbing mountains, visiting waterfalls, feeding an Elephant, etc..etc.. you get the idea. So I plan to pack as many soul filling, life learning, mind altering, crazy experiences into my life as soon as possible. That is what my ‘do epic’ means to me. So yeah, you bet ya, I’ll be reviewing all of my 1000 books, I wonder how quickly I can manage that!

“Imagine for a moment that you were free of all the expectations in your life. What would you do? How would you live your life with no one watching? What would your future look like?”
Kim Holden, Bright Side

Picking my way through new releases, book club books and recommendations and reviewing along the way.

Kim Holden, Bright Side


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