So.. I spaced

I have been sick.. like man-flu. It’s horrible no wonder men complain about it so much!  But really, my 3-year-old has had the flu as well so it has been 2 weeks of quarantine so far, and it sucks.

I have however managed to down 5 books while I have been sick, I just haven’t had the brain power to review them. That is The Rook and Ronin series by JA Huss (the first of which is FREE right now by the way) Ahh I couldn’t put them down, I just looove JA Huss. And now I have Capture by Rachel Van Dyken on my Kindle waiting for me to devour and I know, I know, that I need to be in my best mind to read and review that book. It’s horrible (this man-flu business) but I’m off to the docs tomorrow to get some drugs to kick this shit once and for all.

I just wanted to explain my absence for anyone who may be following my awesome-sauce blog. Next week I plan on writing all my reviews for the past two weeks. So, stay tuned and thanks for following 🙂

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