Super super super exciting news!!

25834515So I’m super excited about this! Kick Push, Jay Mcleans latest release is finally here! A follow on, stand alone to Where the Road Takes Me, we get the story of Josh and his little boy Tommy. Following Josh and his story of single parenting at 17, I am anticipating the feels that will come with this book.

Jay Mclean is one of my favorite authors. I have read everything she has written, I can’t get enough. Seriously each books better than the last. They make me laugh and they make me ugly cry, they make me do crazy happy dances like no other author has before. Her writing is comical and heart warming. Needless to say I am crazy excited to read Kick Push.


“I’ve never said it before, and I’ll probably never say it again– I am so damn proud of this book, and regardless of ratings, rankings, and reviews– that will stay true. My pride is something that no one or nothing can take away from me” – Jay Mclean

On another note. Fallen Crest fans! yes, Tijanites. News today is that we FINALLY have a release date for Fallen Crest University. AUGUST  25  2015 and it is officially up for pre-order HERE

If your anything like me and have read this series like, 3 whole times – no joke – then this is something you have been waiting for. I for one thought it was going to be another few months before we even got this information, but what a fantastic surprise!!

Can’t wait the rest of 2015 is loaded with some fantastic reads!

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