A – Z

Attar, Leylah – The Paper Swan

Carlino, Renee – Before We Were Strangers

Glines, Abbi – Until Friday Night

Hoover, Colleen – Confess

Hoover, Colleen – November 9

Huss, J A – Tragic

Huss, J A – Manic

Huss, J A – Panic

Lockhart, Emily – We Were Liars

McLean, Jay – Kick, Push

McLean, Jay – Coast (Kick, Push #2)

McLean, Jay – More Than Enough

Rix, Dan – Broken Symmetry

Singh, Nalini – Archangels Enigma

Sivec, Tara – Bury Me

Tijan – Fallen Crest University

Van Dyken, Rachel – Capture

Wallach, Tommy – We All Looked Up

Zart, Lindy – Smother

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