About A.

My name is Amy, I live in Auckland, New Zealand with my 3 daughters.

I am a 28-year-old book addict who hides from reality on a daily basis. I have wanted to start a blog for a while now. So this is it, I’m going all in, because you never know until you try it right? I know nothing about blogging but here’s hoping you can all suffer along side me while I learn the ropes. 

Really I just want to be able to rave about all the books I consume on a daily basis. The ones I love, the ones I hate, the ones that make me want to hunt down the Author and… Well, now I can! And I don’t have to send all my friends eyeballs to the backs of their heads while I do! I’m super excited about this, so excited that I can’t not put super in there!

We’ve established that I love books, but I also love to draw, and colour. I have fun with photography. I get transfixed by astronomy and sunsets, and my family are the most important people in my life. 

My favorite genres include; Freaking everything that has a pretty cover! No joke, I do judge books by covers, it’s something I tend to keep to myself. I also find myself reading stacks of Romance, New Adult, Young Adult and Paranormal. But I do not by any means stick to only those genres.

I am a single mum, I am a Florist, and now I am also a blogger – at least here’s hoping!

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